Detection of bacterial contamination of stethoscope used in 22 bahman hospital (2017)

Hossein Mokhtari,1,* Alireza rezaee,2 ُshima jafarzadeh,3

1. Department of infectious diseases,Mashhad medical science branch,Islamic Azad University,Mashhad,Iran
2. Department of pathology,Mashhad medical science branch,Islamic Azad University,Mashhad,Iran
3. Department infectious diseases,Mashhad medical science University,Mashhad,Iran



Stethoscope, as a medical device used by all medical staff, has a substantial influence on transmission of hospital-acquired infection. this study investigates the microbial contamination of stethoscope used in the 22 bahman hospital, mashhad, iran in 2016.


A cross-sectional study has conducted from 78 medical stethoscopes used in 22 bahman hospital, mashhad, iran. sampling procedures from clinical departments, special clinics, and medical students (intern and stager) has performed by using a sterile cotton swabs via swabs (surface bell) and the diaphragm (optics) of the stethoscope. infected samples including blood agar, chocolate agar, eosin, and methylene blue plates, were together transferred to the microbiology laboratory at 22 bahman hospital to identify the microbe type and germs inside. antibiotic resistance was monitored at 37°c, for 24 hours, in muller hinton environment, and ultimately, both resistance and antibiotic sensitivity were defined based on microbe type.


Of 78 analyzed stethoscopes, 51 (65.4%) were infected, and the highest levels of contamination is related to microorganisms including staphylococcus epidermidis (27.5%), serratia marcescens (25.5%), coryne bacterium (15.7%), and klebsiella oxytoca (13.7%).thebest antibiotics choice for treating staphylococcus epidermidis according to antibiogram is vancomycin and imipenem and the best antibiotics choice for serratia marcescens is imipenem، gentamicin، amikacin and ciprofloxacin.


The stethoscopes are contaminated, and unchecked usages of such devices could result in the spread of nosocomial infection. so, following antibiotics can be used for their experimental treatment vancomycin and imipenem.


Stethoscope.microorganism.infection. stethoscope.microorganism.infection.