Evaluation of toxocaria eggs contamination in mashhad public parks (2017)

Hossein Mokhtari,1,* Hassan yazdanfar,2 Mohadeseh sabur,3

2. Department of health science Mashhad medical science branch,Islamic Azad University,Mashhad,Iran
3. Department infectious diseases,Mashhad medical science University,Mashhad,Iran



Toxocariasis is a disease caused by presence of larva in the human body, causing various complications in patients and its transmission route is from the infected soil to dogs and cats stools parasite eggs and soil is a special reservoir for strange and transfer to human.therefore,the purpose of this study was the evaluation of mashhad public parks pollution to toxocara eggs.


This study was performed on 30 samples of parks. from each park , four sites were identified for sampling, including garbage cans, park entrance, children playgrounds and sanitary facilities. then samples were evaluated by cliton-lean flotation in the laboratory and was investigated by optical microscope. chi-square and t-student tests were used to compare the data.


From studied parks ,only six parks (20%) had contaminated with toxocara eggs and (10%) of the samples in the entrence,(10%) from children plarground,(6%) of the toilets samples and (16.7%) of garbage collection samples were positive. in this study( 50%) of jungle parks and green parks were contaminated and there was no case in mountainous parks.( 4.2%) of non polluted parks were forest park type and it was significant statistically (p= 0.012). however, the contamination parks dose not have a significant relationship with area and location(p=0.561%).


Prevalence of egg toxocara contamination was high and due to the use of people from parks and high complications in infected people. preventive measures should be taken by responsible organizations for remove contamination in the studied places.


Toxocara , park, mashhad , parasite egg