Disease caused by the use of cosmetics, their treatment and combine them with nanotechnology

Sogand Mirzaaghayi,1,* Mohammad hadian jazi,2 Ronak zandi,3 Roxana zandi,4 Elham sheikhi,5

1. Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch
2. Student Research Committee, Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch
3. Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch
4. Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Branch
5. Department of Clinical Biomedical Engineering, Tehran Medical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University



As far as we know, these days, over 70 years-old women in the western countries and over 14 years-old teenagers in our country spend a lot of time for making up. unfortunately, cosmetics have the highest volume of consumption in our country; although, dermatologist warning about cosmetics disadvantages but these days, non-standard products present through channels and internet advertisement to people.


Alcohol is one of the chemical materials uses in cosmetics that it caused skin itching and irritating, for this reason, we should be aware of the toxicity of the cosmetics ingredients. the alcohols mentioned above are fatty and they are considered to be moisturizing. they are desiccant and the products containing these alcohols shouldn’t be used for hair but on the other hand some alcohols known as menthol, have cooling properties and they can be useful and amplifier for normal scalp but also they can irritate sensitive scalp and make the situation worse. other materials use in cosmetic products are acids. salicylic acid uses for scurfy scalp in cosmetic products but it shouldn’t be used more than once a week yet because it may cause inflammation instead of peeling. powders are one of the cosmetics that are commonly using and eye shadow and blusher are the types of powders. powders are almost dry so they are not useful for dry skins but they can still reduce environmental impact like temperature changes, solar radiation and sweaty areas due to dryness. but the point is that we shouldn’t ignore the disadvantages of hygienic, medicinal and pharmaceutical products on skin sensitization. one of the effects of cosmetics is the formation of facial waves (acne) although different skins reactions vary but it is not possible to say which products we should use but generally it had advised not to use greasy cosmetics because these kinds of products close the skin pores and they can lead to blackhead. experts recommend that it is better to try cosmetics products on the hands before using them. mascara, lipstick, nail-varnishes and covering creams are the popular and very-used types of cosmetics but these kinds of products still have some disadvantages that we should know. mascara can cause scratches in the cornea or even eye infections so make sure to clear your make-up before sleeping. liquid lipstick absorb uv radiations so it is better to use lip-gloss with spf30. lipstick is the kind of cosmetics that even creditable brands have lead and using them in long-term can lead to behavioral disorders, iq reduction and chronic anemia. shampoos and gels have allergenic sulfate ether and they can delay wound healing and also cause cataract. also nail-varnishes can lead to yellowish nails and they have phthalate that it can effects on liver and kidney. nail-varnishes with 74% endocrine disrupting composition are at the top of the table. mascaras can be a good place for growing bacteria so avoid sharing them with others.


The most important indispositions of long-term using cosmetics are cancers, early skin aging, acne and infected diseases. one of the harmful materials in cosmetics is paraben but we should know other than these materials, benzoyl phenol in the nail-varnishes and rinse gels, also butyl paraben in shampoos, sunscreen creams and lipsticks or ethyl paraben in body lotions are carcinogen. one of the other possibilities of using cosmetics is perion virus transfer and mad cow disease. some cosmetics have collagen and gelatin, these kinds of materials can effect on consistency of skin but the problem is that collagen is a livestock product.


A recommendation for those who use cosmetics: observing temperance in using creditable cosmetics brands. also it is better to use iranian cosmetic with supervision of the ministry of health. nanotechnology considered as a new industrial revolution in the modern world. one of the largest applications of nanotechnology is their use in sunscreens which has no harm to skin and health of human because the size of titanium dioxide particles are standard so it can’t cross over the horny layer of the skin. positive penetration of titanium dioxide nanoparticles, encourages specialists to use other nanoparticles in this topic.


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