Study of the relationship between anthropometric indices and the status of sperm in infertile men referred to ivf center, hamedan

Zahra Seif,1,* Zahra seif,2 houshang babolhavaeji,3 Sima maree,4 Rafieh sadati,5 Simin salehi,6

2. Hamedan university of Medical Science
4. Hamedan university of Medical Science
6. Hamedan university of Medical Science



Infertility is one of the most common problems in today societies that the stress arising from it, can lead to increase anxiety and, finally, decrease erectile dysfunction. furthermore, having experienced the grief over not being able to have children cause families to suffer from various physical and mental problems so that the nervous tensions associated with infertility is devastating.


: 350 infertile men participated in this cross-sectional study. ensuring the absence of any other disease, demographic and anthropometric data (weight, height), body fat percentage, and sperm parameters were collected. spss.16.5 software was used for statistical analysis. in order to compare quantitative traits, such as sperm, at different levels of bmi and body fat percentage, the pearson correlation test, anova and t- test were also used.


The mean age of subjects and the mean body mass index were 23/6 years and 25.2 kg per square meter, respectively. in terms of body mass index, 12% of subjects had reduced weight, 3/36% normal weight, 6/40% overweight and 1/11% of them were obese. the highest rates of participants (51/7%) were above normal weight. the average fat content was 17/63 %. the highest sperm count was observed in people with normal fat mass percentage and in those with fat mass lower than normal, the sperm count was low. there was no statistically significant correlation between bmi and fat mass percentage with sperm indices.


There was no statistically significant correlation between bmi and sperm indises, but given to the relation between fat mass percentage and sperm count in males in our study, it is necessary to encourage them to do physical activity and use proper nutrition.


Body mass index; sperm; infertility