Study of the inhibitory effects of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) fed with spirulina platensis on human skin cancer a431 cell line

Poroshad Montazeri shahtoori,1,* Mozhgan emtyazjoo,2

1. Faculty of marine science and technology, Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran
2. Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran



Considering the important role of nutrition in cancer, it is important to find appropriate nutrients to reduce the risk of developing, treating or controlling the progression of the disease. fish is considered by all nutritionists as one of the nutrients that are suitable for preventing the occurrence of various types of cancers. cyanobacter spirulina has been a great deal of food, since long ago. spirulina has a soft wall that contains a mixture of sugars and protein and its difference with other algae is easily digested in its cell wall and has anti-viral, anti-cancer and immune-enhancing properties, while not having an adverse effect on human cells. laboratory studies have shown that multiple use of spirulina or its extract has greatly prevented the progression of cancer. in this study, the comparison of the anti cancer effect of spirulina-treated trout muscle extract on a431 skin cancer cells by mtt and flow cytometry was investigated invitro.


The cell cytotoxicity effect of fish muscle extract fed with spirulina in different concentrations on a431 cell line of human skin cancer, was investigated in three dietary groups. in order to obtain the inhibitory concentration of the extracts from the control group (without micro-algae feeding), three replications were repeated in three different incubation times in plates of 96 houses using mtt assay. cell viability was also evaluated by trypan blue staining. a flow cytometric supplementary test was also used.


A reduction in the lc50 obtained from the extracts was observed at different time intervals. the best effect was achieved with the lowest concentration of lc50 in inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells in 48 hours.


The results of this study showed that rainbow trout fed with spirulina has inhibiting effects of effective cell proliferation on skin cancer cells, as well as the time and concentration factor of the extract used can inhibit the proliferation of cancerous skin cells.


Spirulina; skin cancer; a431 cell line; rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss).