Meat products microbial total count supplied in tabriz markets

Mahdi Bayrami,1 Amir ganjkhanlu,2,* Asghar zahed,3 Heydar tayefe sattari,4 Anahita bajgiran,5 Danial bajgiran,6

2. faculty of veterinary medicine, Azad university of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
3. faculty of veterinary medicine, Azad university of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
4. faculty of veterinary medicine, Azad university of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
5. department of nutrition science, Azad university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
6. Department of Biology, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran.



Foodborne diseases are one of the most important problems in international societies, especially low-health areas. typically, food contamination with microbial agents is one of the main causes of diseases and food toxications in humans. the contamination of microbial substances is eliminated because of meat being cooked, however, there are many reports of food poisoning annually. beef and lamb meat are among the most important food sources in humans. this study aimed at evaluating the quality and microbial total count, packaged or unpackaged meat products and sausages in the markets of tabriz city.


: for this purpose, 100 samples of each ready-minced meat and sausages of 2 and 10 cm calibrated (a&b) were collected during the four different seasons in the year 2017 and transferred to the laboratory for microbial assay.


As a result, salmonella contamination in minced meat, sausages a and b were 8%, 3% and 15%, s.aureus contamination 5%, 0% and 12%, b.cereus contamination 11%, 3% and 7%, l.monocytogenes contamination 2.5%, 1% and 1% respectively. the contamination was higher than other seasons during the summer, due to the warm weather, microorganisms were able to more grow and multiply. especially in unpackaged sausages and minced meat, which are placed outside the environment and not kept in hygienic packaging.


In general, the present study showed that contamination of salmonella, s.aureus, b.cereus and l.monocytogenes exist in meat products presented in tabriz markets، that it has endangering potential for human health. in order to reduce the amount of contamination observed, health principles are essential in all stages of food processing.


Microbial total count, meat products, tabriz