¬ propolis role of tumor necrosis factor in rheumatoid arthritis disease

Sareh Khosh safa,1 Fatemeh rouhollah,2,*

1. Tehran Medical Branch. Islamic Azad University
2. Tehran Medical Branch. Islamic Azad University



Tumor necrosis factor (tnf-α) is known as an inflammatory index in various inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system including rheumatoid arthritis(ra). in patients suffering rheumatoid arthritis, the serum level of this factor has a direct relationship between arthritis and inflammatory. currently, there are several treatments for this disease with countless side effects. purpose of this research is to apply propolis medical properties in reducing (tnf-α) expression of lab rats suffering collagen-induced arthritis (cia).


21 laboratory rats – aged between 6 to 8 weeks - were purchased from pastor institute. they were categorized into two main groups, and immunization was done through bovine collagen type ii, complete freund's adjuvant(cfa) and incomplete freund's adjuvant (ifa) by primer-booster method. disease level was approved by wood test and radiology. then, tumor necrosis factor gene (tnf-α) was evaluated by eliza testing method of propolis receptor groups.


Results shows, tumor necrosis factor gene (tnf-α) in primer groups has shown a significant decrease of p<0.05 in comparing to booster group which has received 6.7 mg/g of propolis. this significant decrease is followed by a decline in expression of tumor necrosis factor (tnf-α) in primer groups.


Propolis function could be considered as a medical alternative in tumor necrosis factor (tnf-α) expression decline as an inflammatory index.


(tnf-α); rheumatoid arthritis(cia); propolis; primer-booster