Significant correlation of glycoprotein iiia gene polymorphism with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss in north of iran

Shokoufeh Fazelnia,1 Dr mohammadbagher hashemi-soteh,2,*

1. Department of Biology, Damghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damghan, Iran.
2. Immunogenetic Research center, Molecular and cell Biology Research Centre, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sa



Spontaneous abortion is considered as the most complex problem during pregnancy. thrombophilia is resumed as a cause of recurrent pregnancy loss (rpl). glycoprotein iiia (gpiiia) gene is involved in thrombosis and abortion. in this study, we analyzed the association gpiiia c.98c >t in women with unexplained rpl from the north of iran.


Sample population consisted of 100 women with unexplained rpl and 100 controls.the gpiiia c.98c>t polymorphism was genotyped using tetra-arms pcr method. the association between genotypes frequency and rpl were analyzed using χp2p and exact fisher tests. associated risk with genotypes combinations was also investigated by binary logistic regression.


No significant difference was observed between genotypic and allelic frequencies of gpiiia c.98c>t polymorphism and rpl in case and control groups.


The gpiiia c.98 c>t polymorphism was not significantly correlated with rpl.


Platelet glycoprotein iiia, recurrent abortion.