A review of cancer treatment methods

Niloofar Afrazeh,1,*

1. Islamic Azad University of Dezful



cancer is one of the most common diseases in recent years and has infected many people. cancer in most cases results from a mutation or an abnormal activation of cellular genes that control cell growth and mitosis. this process causes uninterrupted growth and the cell goes out of the apoptotic state. the increasing growth of the disease is a huge challenge for researchers, which will make them discover different methods.


To compile this article, we use different databases for gathering information, including the science direct and scopus and wikipedia databases.


According to the results of the review of articles among cancer treatment methods, combined chemotherapy, the use of chemotherapy plus hyperthermia, can be an effective treatment for cancer. the use of nanoparticles in hyperthermia has a significant role in enhancing drug function and eliminating cells. cancer research. studies in various studies show that there is a significant difference between therapeutic approaches with and without hyperthermia, and this method has no side effects on the body.


The use of hyperthermia induces more tumor sensitivity than other methods. nowadays this method is used, for example, to treat breast cancer tumors. this method is still not fully understood and can not be used to treat all tumors, however, it can be very effective and efficient in combination.


Cancer, hyperthermia,chemotherapy