Extraction and physicochemical investigation evs(extera cellular vesicle) of bifidobacter bifidum

Majid Taati,1,* Seyed davar siadat,2 Zahranormohamadi,3

1. pastor
2. pastor



Since,spherical particles(muraca ,2015) can caused intraction between immune system and epithelial cells and secretion cytokine and thus cause immune system maturity (ruiz*2016)


Standard strain was provided from takgenzist mrsagar, bloodagar culturs ,were used ,to grow the strain . mrsbrothe was used for ineoculatiaon to grow to have culture en vrac. pcr(roche)was used 16srrna bifidobacter bifidum . the concentration of pr was studied by nanodrap(thermos) costant centerifugeues was used to extract extera cellular vesicle electerony microscoup was used to show ficicalc colifi cation and sds-page was used to detrmined chemical coalifications


The band in 300pb shows that(figure1) this extense of bactry of this electerony microscop shows that the size of vesicaul are between 50-250nm(figure2) they are also esphericel sds-page result show that the size of vesicle are between 20-250 kdl(figyre3) that is in moreover,the prconcentration was 0.01mg/ml figure2:electerony microscop figure1:band for pcr figure3:band of sds-page figure3:band of sds-page


Marco(2015) stated that the size of vesicle are between 50-250 that is the same as we achieved kim (2017)also stated that the size of vesicels in gram positive bacteria are between 20-250 that is in the harmony of our results. acourding to the result to the study bifidobacter can be promising candidate in probiotic industry


Centerifuge,sds-page,electron microscope,mrsbrothe