The impact of regular swimming exercise on oxidative stress and sirt1 gen expression in the panceratic tissue of type 2 diabetic rats

Hamed Heydari,1,*

1. Department of physiology, Faculty of medicine, Tabriz university of medical sciences, Tabriz, Iran



It was known that oxidative stress has a key role in the woesening of diaabtes and sirt1 is one of the factors regulating oxidative stress. there is not enough evidence on the effect of swimming exercise on type 2 diabetes mellitus (t2dm) -induced panceraic oxidative stress and it s effect on sirt1 expression.. this study aimed to evaluate the effect of regular swimming exercise on expression level of sirt1 and pancreatic oxidative stress type 2 diabetic male rats


Twenty eight male wistar rats were randomly devided into four groups (n=7): sedentary control,exercise, sedentary diabetic and diabetic + exercise. diabetes was induced by high fat diet (hfd) and a low dose of streptozotocin (35 mg/kg, i.p). in exerciced groups, one week after the induction of diabetes, rats were subjected to swimming (60 min/5 days a week) for 12 weeks. at the end of the intervention and after the sedation with ketamine and xylazine, the pancreatic tissue was prepared and was used for determination of antioxidant enzymes (including sod, gpx and cat activities), mda level and sirt1gen expression.


T2dm negatively affected the panceratic antioxidant defense as indicated by reduced sod, gpx cat and increased mda levels. swimming exercise significantly reduced mda level and ameliorated sod (p<0.01), gpx (p<0.05) and cat (p<0.001) in diabetic pancerase tissue. sirt1 expression downregulated by t2dm, however swimming exercise increased it.


Regular swimming exercise ameliorated oxidative stress via upregulation of sirt1 in the pancerase of type 2 diabetic male rats


Swimming exercise; oxidatitie stress; sirt1; type 2 diabetes