An overview of personalized medicine issues in ovarian cancer

Fatemeh Khodayari,1,*

1. Faculty of medicine, Zabol University of Medical Sciences, Zabol, Iran



Ovarian cancer is the seventh most frequent cancer among women worldwide and the second in developed countries. personalized medicine in ovarian cancer like other diseases refers to a new treatment based on understanding of individual gene and aims to minimize iatrogenic damage and medical expense and reach an optimal therapeutic effects


For this review, english articles from 2005 to 2018 have been collected using pubmed, google scholar ,scopus and science direct and the search keywords were ovarian cancer and personalized medicine


In the present manuscript, we review the personalized options for optimal treatment choice and dosage and managing the related symptoms to enhance the quality of life of ovarian cancer patients and highlighting the latest clinical trials experience and the current challenges


As the results of this review shows, the usual treatment methods have high side effects and reduce the quality of life, so a new and more targeted solution to control the cancer will be personal medicine


Personalized, medicine, ovarian, cancer