Silymarin suppresses the proliferation of colon cancer cells by down regulating casc11 and sbdsp1

Nazila Hasanirezaabad,1 Masoumeh heshmati,2,* Sadegh babashah,3

1. Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, Tehran medical Sciences, Islamic Azad university,Tehran ,Iran
2. Department of Molecular and Cellular Sciences, Faculty of Advanced Science & Technology ,Tehran med
3. Department of Molecular Genetics, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehr



silymarin ,is a natural compound derived from milk thistle, exhibit a variety of pharmacological effects including antiviral, anti bacterial, anti-proliferative, apoptotic and anticancer activities against various types of cancer cell lines . long non-codind rnas (lncrnas) revealed a class of non-proteincoding transcripts that are categorized as oncogenic and tomur suppressive roles. evidence has demonstrated that lncrnas participate in the regulation of cancer cell survival and death. the aime of this study was to assess the role of casc11 and sbdsp1in cancer-induced


Anti proliferative and apoptotic activity of silymarin were evaluated by mtt assay and flowcytometry at various concentration of silymarin and the expression level of lncrna; casc11 and sbdsp1 was assessed by realtimepcr.


Loss of cell viability was time and dose dependent and ic50 was observed at concentration 53/30 , 41/94 ,46/41 μg / ml for 24,48,72h respectively and the increased of apoptosis was observed for 1.19, 1.43 an 1.21 fold compare to untreated cells at concentaration 24, 50 and 100 μg / ml respectively at 48h. real-time pcr results showed that the expression level of casc11 and sbdsp1 decreased at 50 μg / ml concentration at 48h in the hct116 cell line in the presence of silymarin , which increased in tumor cell lines as oncogene.


these finding indicated that silymarin have crucial role in suppressor hct116 colon cancer cell line by decreasing expression level of lncrna casc11 and sbdsp1.


colon cancer, silymarin, casc11, sbdsp1