The bioinformatic evaluation of the interaction between tph2 gene in rs17110747 and rs17110566 in multiple sclerosis

Setareh Panahi dorcheh,1,* Kamran ghaedi,2 Nasrin yazdanpanahi,3 Banafsheh ashrafnia,4

1. Master of cellular and molecular Biology in the Islamic Azad university, Science and Research of Tehran
2. Department of Biology Faculty of sciences university of Isfahan,Iran
3. Department of Biology and Genetics Faculty of Biological sciences,Islamic Azad university of Falavarjan
4. Divition of cellular and molecular Biology ,NourDanesh institute of higher education,Meymeh,Iran



Multiple sclerosis (ms) is an inflammatory autoimmune disease of central nervous. tryptophan hydroxylase 2(tph2) which controls synthesis of serotonin in the brain has been suggested as a candidate for ms. the aim of this study is evaluation associates between polymorphisms rs17110566 and rs17110747 in tph2 with ms.


In this study, we scrutinized ncbi data-base to choose rs17110566 and rs17110747 which are located in non-coding and probably regulatory regions of tph2.using data bases like gencards and rsnpbase for rs17110566 and snp2tfbs and rsnpbase for rs17110747, we evaluated regions which single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) are located.


The results of bioinformatics analysis of gencards showed that chromosome region of 71972980 to 71972801 is a binding site for regulating factors that rs17110566 is located on there. according to bioinformatics findings, rsnpbase showed rs17110566 is regulatory snp and snp2tfb data base demonstrated that rs17110747 is located in binding site of transcription factors. therefore rsnpbase is shows that this snp is regulatory snp too.


Our results indicate that rs17110566 and rs17110747 are located in regulatory region on the gene tph2 , so they can related to ms. the accuracy of these results can be verified in future studies and experiments.


Multiple sclerosis, tryptophan hydroxylase 2, snp