Effect of cytotoxicity of ethanolic extract of ganoderma lucidum on hela cancer cell line

Masume Safarisukhtekolaii,1,* Dr. roya bisheh kalahi,2 Dr. farkhondeh nemati,3

1. Master degree in Biology, Plant Physiology
2. Assistant Professor of Biology, Plant Physiology
3. Assistant Professor of Biology, Animal Physiology



In this study, the effect of ganoderma lucidum ethanolic extract on hela cancer cell line was investigated. ganoderma has biologically active substances, such as various sterols, proteins, polysaccharides, tertphenoids and melanin, whose polysaccharides and tertphenoids play an important role in anti-cancer activity


Cells were cultured from pasteur institute of cellular bank of iran and conditioned with rpmi containing 10% fbs and penicillin, streptomycin was cultured in a flask. cells were transferred to 10,000 cells to 96 plates. then, cells were dissolved in rpmi with different concentrations of 10, 5,2.5, 1.25,0.625, 0.312,0.156, 0.078, 0.038 mg / ml, respectively. were placed. the cytotoxicity was evaluated using mtt after 24, 48, 72 hours.


According to the results ,it was determined that the highest growth inhibitory effect of hela cancer cells after 72 hours and at concentrations of 0.312 and 0.382 mg / ml was triggered. also, the lowest inhibitory effect was observed after 48 hours at concentrations of 5 and 2.5 mg / ml. in general, the results of this study showed that ganoderma fungus extract decreases the growth of cancer cells, and the best effect has been observed in low concentrations and in 72-hour incubation.


overall, the results of this study showed that by increasing the concentration of inhibitory percent, the growth of cancer cells decreased, but at a concentration of 10 mg / ml, the growth inhibitory growth of hela cells compared to other concentrations it happened and more cells disappeared. of course, further research is needed, and an investigation should be made to isolate the active ingredients of the plant, to determine the structure and mechanism of its anti-cancer effect in the future


Cytotoxicity, ganoderma lucidum, hela cell line.