evaluation of efficacy of influenza vaccination in pregnant women:a review study

Zahra Latif,1,* Alireza jalalvand,2

1. Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
2. Pasteur Institute-Tehran-Iran



Planning for a future influenza pandemic should include considerations specific to pregnant women. pregnant women are at increased risk for influenza-associated morbidity and mortality. present study aimed to search the evaluation of efficacy of influenza vaccination in pregnant women.


Performed a systematic review of the literature. at first searched for the effect of vaccination against the influenza virus in pregnant women in pubmed database (from 2014 up to 2018). in this study reviewed some of published articles.


Influenza vaccine is recommended for pregnant women and for most children; however, no vaccine is approved for infants aged !6 months. a low-grade fever rarely occurs in vaccinated pregnant women in some days that it’s not serious. to our search, some studies were agree with use of influenza vaccine for pregnant women and report that influenza vaccine is safe for pregnant women. m. mcmillan and et al 2015, report that results do not indicate that maternal influenza vaccination is associated with an increased risk in pregnancy women. sonja j. olsenfound and et al 2016 , evidence of influenza vaccine safety during pregnancy and women who received vaccine had a reduced risk of delivering a preterm infant during times of high influenza virus circulation.


According to this review , no study has investigated the association between influenza vaccination during pregnancy and risks of it. it is important to provide accurate information and for health care providers to recommend the influenza vaccine to pregnant women. it is also necessary for the government to encourage women to receive the influenza vaccination as a healthcare policy so suggest the need for additional studies on the potential risks from influenza vaccination in pregnant women.


influenza, vaccination, pregnant women