Evaluation and compare the quality of nursing care from the view of nurses and patients of hematology and oncology wards in instructional hospitals in zahedan city

Mahan Mirmortazavi,1,* Fatemeh kiani,2

1. MSc Student of Community Health Nursing, Student Research Committee, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) branch
2. Community Nursing Research Center, Zahedan university of medical sciences



One of the most important elements of health care services is the quality of care. among them, nurses are considered as the most important people in providing nursing care. on the other hand, patients as caregivers can provide health care providers with valuable insights into the quality of nursing care. therefore, this study was conducted to evaluate and compare the quality of nursing care from the perspective of nurses and patients in the oncology and hematology department of educational hospitals in zahedan in year 2018.


This is a cross-sectional study. 36 nurses participated in the study using a census sampling method and 33 patients enters the study too. in order to collect data, a questionnaire for demographic information and qualpac questionnaire was used to assess the care process and quality of care that was completed and then entered into spss software version 22. using descriptive statistics (frequency distribution tables, charting, determination of central indicators and dispersion) and analytical statistics (independent t-test and pearson correlation test) were analyzed at 95% confidence level.


According to the results, the mean score of the qualpac questionnaire for nurses was 86.72 ± 17.99 and 78.99 ± 9.45, respectively, and the difference between the two scores was significant (p = 0.02). according to the pearson test, there was a positive and significant correlation between the number of hospital weeks and the average score of the questionnaire (p = 0.02 and r = 0.343). also, there was a positive and significant correlation between the number of hospital admissions and the mean scores of the questionnaire (p = 0.032, r = 0.357). no significant relationship was found between the other measured variables with the score of the questionnaire.


Considering the fact that the average quality of nursing services from patients point of view is lower than the nurses viewpoint, more attention should be paid to improving the quality of nursing care from patients.


Health care quality, oncology, hematology