Assessing the drug resistance of acinetobacter baumannii strains isolated from isfahan province hospitals in 2017

Ahmadreza Shahniani,1,*

1. Ph.D Student of Cell Biology and Molecular Microbiology;kazeroon branch;Azad Universty



The drug resistance patterns of hospital pathogen bacteria may vary among hospitals to a great extent. due to the fact that acinetobacter bumannii is one of the essential factors in hospital acquired infections, assessing the drug patterns of this bacterium is necessary.


In this cross-sectional study 168 samples are applied. to begin with, first, the clinical samples are sent to the laboratory for acinetobacter bumanni identification through chemical tests, next, the existence of this bacterium is confirmed by the pcr molecular method and then, the antibiotic sensitivity test is run on the samples, followed by their their analysis through spps and chi-square test.


: the percentages of acinetobacter bumannii isolates in relation to imipenem, meropenem and ciprofloxacin in the dilution serial method are 40.9%, 60% and 77.7%, respectively.


The results obtained here reveal that the resistance rate of acinetobacter bumannii isolates is very high due to cooperation of several factors in a simultaneous manner


Acinetobacter bumannii, carbanim, drug resistance