The effect of educational intervention on the efficiency of nutrition and treatment in diabetic patients in bandar anzali, iran

Seyede hajar Khatami ,1,* Gholamreza sadeghi,2 Seyyed aref abedin najafi,3

1. MS of health education, Guilan University of medical sciences, Guilan, Iran.
2. MS of Medicine, Guilan University of medical sciences, Guilan, Iran.
3. MS of Medicine, Guilan University of medical sciences, Guilan, Iran.



Diabetes is one of the chronic metabolic diseases and major health problems in the world. healthy eating and proper administration of the drug are effective in controlling diabetes. the aim of this study was to determine the effect of educational intervention on nutrition and treatment of diabetic patients.


This interventional study was conducted on 337 diabetic patients in bandar anzali villages in 2012-2014. the patients underwent educational intervention conducted over four 60 minute sessions. data were collected using a questionnaire ( including 45 questions) filled out through direct interview before the intervention and 6 months after that. patient grades were ranked in sixth grade, and those with lower rank had better performance in controlling diabetes. analyzed using spss 19 software.


The study was performed on 337 patients, 23.7% male and 76.3% female. before intervention, only 0.3% of patients had good performance and increased to 7.7% after intervention (groups 1 and 2). before intervention, 79.4% of patients had poor performance and after intervention 67.3% (group 5 and 6). before the intervention, 20.2% of the patients had an average performance and after the intervention increased to 29.3% (groups 3 and 4)


This study showed that educational intervention is effective in improving the performance of diabetic patients. therefore, it is recommended to use educational intervention in the care of diabetic patients. it is also recommended to use health education models instead of the traditional model to achieve a better result.


Diabetes, bandar anzali , educational intervention , health education