Study of gene expression and promoter methylation pattern of akap4 as possible breast cancer diagnostic marker candidate

Motahareh Sheikhhosseini,1 Mahdieh salimi* ,2,* Islamic azad university tehran east ,3 National institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology ,4

1. Islamic Azad University east tehran branch
2. National Institude of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology



Breast cancer is an important health issue for millions of women around the world. recently, a new group of tumor-associated antigens (taas) known as cancer testis antigens (ctas) have been considered as a potential target for cancer immunotherapy. in this paper, we investigated the expression and methylation of akap4 gene as a breast cancer biomarker in tumor tissue and peripheral blood in patients with breast cancer.


In this study, expression of akap4 gene was assessed in 120 blood and tumor breast tissues in comparison with normal controls, using sybr green dye nested real time rt-pcr method. methylation -specific pcr of akap4 promoter was performed in bisulfite treated dna extracted from breast tumor tissues and plasma. finally, spss software was used for evaluating statistical significance of the data.


Our results suggest that akap4 gene expression and also hypo-methylation of akap4in breast tumor which is detectable in peripheral blood could be considered as possible diagnostic biomarker even in the first stages of breast cancer.


Analysis the expression of akap4 gene and its promoter methylation pattern in blood may be considered as an early diagnostic possible biomarker in breast cancer that may be promising in cancer management.


Akap4, diagnostic biomarker, expression, methylation ,breast cancer