Medicinal plants in the treatment of infertility

Mahdieh kurepaz-mahmoodabadi,1,* Azadeh manayi,2 Abbas hadjiakhoondi,3



Infertility is disability of a couple to reach pregnancy for more than one year despite regular sexual intercourse. the problem may also indicate the inability to have a pregnancy with a live birth. infertility may be in the male or female, or both due to the primary or secondary cause. use of medicinal plants for the treatment of various diseases has been part of human culture since ancient times.


In this review several plant species were introduced that could be used to treat infertility and related problems.


Some plants with noticeable activity in infertility problems are for example achillea millefolium, actaea racemosa, alpinia galangal, phoenix dactylifera, salvia officinals, cinnamomum verum, zingiber officinale and so on. according to the previous studies and literature, it could be proposed that plants affect infertility with effect on the sperms production and sperm motility in male or the formation of ovum and facilitates ovulation, setting the menstrual cycle and ovarian function, growth of follicle and body growth, improve of hormones level to increase fertility in female.


The potential of medicinal plants to combat infertility and other related reproduction problems in both male and female could pave the way for the development of effective new treatment of these difficulties.


Infertility, medicinal plants, reproduction problems