Is it necessary to submit the abstract for participating in congress? Can I attend the congress without any abstracts?

No, submission of the article is unnecessary and participants can register at the congress without submitting any abstracts.

How do I submit my abstract?

Visit the congress website at and create a new account by filling the personal information online form. 

Should I pay fees for submitting my abstract?

No, abstract submission is free! firstly you must create your account at the site of the Congress. log in to the user profile, then submit the article for review. After the arbitration, if your article is confirmed, you can pay the fee of submitting and participating in the congress.

If I  participate in the congress and pay the fee of attending the congress at first, then submit the abstract, should the abstract accept by arbitration?

Confirmation and rejection of the abstracts are not related to the cost of congress registration and in the case of article rejection, the registration fee is not returned.

I have completed all the parts and have submitted my abstract. How should I know that my submission was complete?

You can see its link in your user profile.

Are the review abstracts will be accepted?


Should be sent the full text of the article?

No, just the abstract is needed.

How many abstracts could I send to the congress?


Who is considered as presenting author?

The presenting author is usually the one who is responsible for presenting the abstract. For abstract submission, a presenting author is the one who creates the user profile (username/password) on the congress website and submits the abstract.

I have submitted an abstract. My abstract is part of a research project in which I was a member. Who would be the presenting author?

If your abstract is part of the research project, then usually you are considered as the presenting author. Please discuss this issue with your instructor or research director of the project because your abstract will be emailed to all the involved authors upon your final submission.

What does happen if I submit an abstract with the name of my Professor as the presenting author?

Then your Professor will receive the congress certificate and s/he will send us her/his presentation for the congress.

When are the results announced? 

Congress results are usually announced in September.

How do I know about the status of my paper?

An acceptance email indicating the mode of presentation will be sent for each of the abstracts you have submitted.

I have selected “oral” as my mode of presentation. My article was accepted as “poster”, why?

The result of the abstract highly depends on the quality of the abstract and the number of invited speakers.

My abstract has been rejected. Could I request a revision?

Each abstract is reviewed by more than three referees. The final idea is the average score of all the scores it received. Therefore, any objection to results is not acceptable.

My abstract was accepted as an "oral presentation". Could I change the mode of presentation?

You can send a formal email to the congress secretariat at request will be examined by the congress scientific committee.

Sign up for Congress

Creating a user account on the site is considered as my registration in the congress?

No, creating a user account is not considered as the registration in the congress. log in your congress profile and click on the registration icon.

I am an international participant. How should I pay the registration fee?

There is a bank account available for international participants. Please visit the registration page in your user profile to find more about the registration fees and procedures. Please kindly email us a copy of your bank transfer recite before the registration deadline.

How can I know that I have created my account successfully?

You will receive an email with the details of your username/password.

Is there the possibility to physically attend the congress as well?

No, the BioMedicine congress will only be held online (non-attendance).

What is the advantage of attending the congress online?

According to the experience of a permanent secretariat in holding various congresses, we decided to hold the online congress to prevent the waste of time and expenses of those who live far from the congress location and someone who cannot attend the congress physically. So everyone is able to benefit from the scientific content of the congress through the internet.

If I forget my password, how can I enter the user area?

Users can retrieve their password through the “forgotten password” section. It should be noted that the password recovery message will be sent to the previously registered email of the user. Also, note that an individual can only request password recovery twice in 24 hours.

Will the attendees receive a certificate?

Yes, for all participants, an international certificate is issued by the organizers.

Does participation in the congress require article submission?

No, the article submission is not compulsory.

In what language participants must present the lectures?

The language of all lectures in congress will be in English.

How is access to the scientific content of the congress for the participants?

On the day that Congress is held, they can access the congress online by using online studio software. It should be noted that the software will be activated on the congress day.

Can I submit a Persian article in the congress?

No, only you can submit English articles.

Is it possible to withdraw from the congress registration and refund?

No, the paid fee is not refundable.

Only biomedical students and professionals of this field can attend the congress?

No, all enthusiasts in this area can register at the congress and use the congress scientific contents.

Registration in Workshops

What is the advantage of attending online workshops?

Online workshops have been launched for the first time in Iran, like other universities and research centers around the world (including the Pasteur Institute of France), due to the compaction of the materials, the lack of focusing and exhaustion of the attendees at the traditional workshops, online workshops Considering the increase in educational content, the high-quality content and the dynamics in teaching content, have solved the problems of the traditional workshops.

How do I attend workshops online?

Attending workshops is in the online form by using online studio software.

Is it essential to be registered in congress in order to register in workshops?

No, you can participate in the workshops separately. Applicants who have registered for congress will get a discount.

Is there a group registration for workshops as well?

No. this opportunity is only for participating in the congress.

What are the advantages of attending the workshops?

Receiving a specialized technic training certificate- receiving international excellence( Switzerland approved) gold certificate.

What time do the workshops start? How long can we use the workshop?

You can use the workshop from 12 am of the day you selected. The deadline for using the workshop is 12 days from the starting date.

What are the requirements for obtaining the technic training and international certificates?

Attending all the hours of the online workshops (the presence of applicants will be checked by an online system) and Also taking part in the online exam after finishing the workshop.

Is there an exam at the end of the workshop?

Yes, at the end of the workshop an online exam will be given.

What is the score required for the exam to obtain the certificate?

50 percent of the questions must be answered correctly.

Is it possible to repeat the exam?

Yes, if you fail, you can take the test for a second time.

When can we take the test of the workshop? How long do we have the opportunity to take the test?

After 5 days from the start day of the workshop, the test section will be activated in the online studio software, and you have a deadline to participate in the workshop test for 7 days after that.

When are the certificates issued?

The certificates of specialized training technique and international excellence (issuant: permanent secretariat), will be sent by post request when the workshop has been successfully held.

Are certificates in English?

Yes, due to its internationality, it should necessarily be issued in English.

How can we get both certificates if we have registered at an online workshop as well the congress?

By post request option you can receive all of your certificates at once (the post cost should be paid by participants.)

Do the workshops have retraining points?

No, they don’t.


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