The 7th International Congress on Biomedicine

Oral Health Awards (Biology & Medicine)

Best Paper & Oral Awards

In new year, Three Researchers who presenting original research at conferences or displaying creative work are eligible to receive oral presentation awards.

Assessment of oral presentation is a score between 0% and 100%. The best oral presentation will receive the best point.

Scientific Secretary of Congress

Evaluation criteria for superior oral presentation

- topic clearly stated
- structure & scope of talk clearly stated in the introduction
- the topic was developed in the order stated in the introduction
- the speaker summed up the main points in conclusion
- the speaker formulated conclusions and discussed implications
- the speaker was in control of subject matter
- Effective PowerPoint (Keep Your Slides Simple. Limit Words on Your Slides. Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics. Use Accurate and Relevant Charts and Graphs. Use High-Quality, Fresh Templates. Choose Appropriate Fonts. Choose Color Well.)