Prevalence of hospital-acquired infections in hospitalized patients in different wards of ghaeem hospital of mashhad 2017-2018

Neda Movahedi saber,1,* Mahbubeh honarmand,2 Fatemeh amiri moghadam,3 Zahra khadem,4

1. Master of Microbiology Biotechnology
2. Clinical Supervisor of Ghaem Hospital
3. Clinical Supervisor of Ghaem Hospital
4. Health ducational Supervisor of Ghaem Hospital



Hospital-acquired infections (hai) are a major public health challenge especially in developing countries, which increased length of stay and hospital costs and increase the mortality rates. the aim of this study was to determine hai prevalence in hospitalized patients in ghaem hospital of mashhad.


This cross-sectional study was performed from march 2017 to april 2018 in ghaem hospital of masshad. infections were surveyed according to the definitions of the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc). the bacteria were identified to the species level based on a standard bacteriological method. data were recorded and analyzed by spss.


In this study the incidence of in this study the incidence of nosocomial infections was 3/6%. the most common type of infection was nosocomial pneumonia (np) 607(37%) urinary tract infection 558 (34%) followed by blood infection 187(11%) and wound infection 241 (14%). the most common microorganisms were acinetobacter with 392 cases (24/32%) followed by klebsiella pneumoniae ( 274 cases, 16/83%) and candida albicans (221 cases, 13/57%) escherichia coli (205,12/59%). the most prevalent nosocomial infection was observed in icus (707, 43/3%), emergency department (313, 19/2%), surgical ward (269, 16/5%), internal ward (247 cases, 15/17%).


The prevalence of nosocomial infection in different hospitals depends on the type of the service provided; therefore, comparing the between different hospitals even those located in the same city is not feasible. the overall prevalence of nosocomial infection found in this study is comparable with the results of other studies.


Hospital-acquired infections; nosocomial pneumonia ; acinetobacter;