Effects of fucoidan extracted from algae on cancer prevention and treatment

Arghavan Hosseinpouri,1,* Mahdi mohammadi,2 Narges obeidi,3

1. Department of Cellular and Molecular Sciences,Faculty of Siences,Khalij fars University,Bushehr.
2. Departmet of Biotechnology,Persian Gulf Studies and Research Center, Khalij fars University,Bushehr.
3. Department of Hematology, Faculty of paramedicine, Bushehr University of Medical Sciences



Due to the increase in cancer mortality rates, studies have been conducted to develop preventive treatments and anticancer medicines around the world, and due to the side effects of chemical drugs, attention has been paid to natural-drug-based drugs.


Recent studies have been carried out on sulfate polysaccharides such as fucoidan, which are extracted and purified from some brown algae (fucales), including undaria pinnatifida, fucus vesiculosus, fucus evanescens, the promising features of the anti-tumor function of the fucoidan have been shown on lung, breast, liver, colon, prostate, and bladder cancer cells.


For example, a study on the effects of fucoidan extracted from sargassum angustifulium on hct-15 cell line cancer has shown that fucoidan causes 50% cell death after 24 hours.the anticancer properties of this compound in research conducted until 2017 briefly include the following: induction of caspase-dependent apoptosis and independent of caspase in cancer cells by pi3k / akt, mir-29, ros, id-1 and endoplasmic reticulum protein , preventing the progression of cell cycle in cdk and p21waf1-mediated cancer cells, activating inflammatory responses in cancer cells, preventing the ability of angiogenesis in cancer cells, increasing the anti-cancer effect of chemotherapy agents, preventing colony formation in cancer cells and anticoagulation in tumor therapy.


In addition, recent research has focused on the development of fucoidan based nano drugs. the reported fucoidan target p-selectin on target on cancer cells and protamine/fucoidan nanoparticles act as promising options for intracellular release of anticancer drugs againts breast metastasis.


Fucoidan, cancer,tumor therapy,brown seaweed.