Identification of antimicrobial effects of water and alcoholic extract of thymes

Mohammad Movagharnezhad,1,* Behnam ghorbani,2

1. Faculty of Basic Sciences, Islamic Azad University Kazerun, Kazerun, Iran
2. Faculty of Animal Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Gorgan, Gorgan, Iran



Considering the antibiotic properties of thymes and the fact that various species of this plant are available in western regions of iran, therefore, the use of thymes extract as an antimicrobial agent is widely used today. the aim of this study was to identify the antimicrobial effects of the water and alcoholic extract of thymes.


In the methods of extraction with water, at first, 100 g of thymes were immersed in 1000 ml of water and for 72 hours in erlen and at the laboratory temperature, were used to make soaking and the thymes were completely out of it by heated over a flame for 2 hours. in the alcohol extraction method, at first, 100 g of thymes with 1000 ml of 70% alcohol were combined and placed in a 50 ° incubator for 24 hours to remove all alcohol. the solutions were dried after filtering the extract. well assay method was used to measure the medicinal effects of thymes extract.


Based on the results obtained and measurement of the diameter of the non-growth field, the water extract of thymes prevented the growth of escherichia coli and certain concentrations of its alcoholic extract inhibited the growth of salmonella, bacillus and streptococcus bacteria.


Although thymes is not iranian and does not go to iran automatically, it has a lot of use because of its antimicrobial effects and its high value in the pharmaceutical industry.