The relationship between vitamin d and gestational diabetes

Fatemeh massomeh Akbarzadeh,1,* Fatemeh kazemi navaei,2

1. Azad University of Babol
2. Azad University of Babol



: diabetes is considered as the most common disease around the world, which occurs for about 2 to 13% of pregnancies. gestational diabetes has maternal complications, such as pre-eclampsia, long term complications of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and fetal complications such as macrosomia, shoulder dystocia, asphyxie, infant respiratory distress syndrome (irds) and infant hypoglycemia. vitamin d deficiency can be considered as one of the factors related to the incidence of gestational diabetes. this study was carried out aimed to investigate the relationship between vitamin d and gestational diabetes.


This review article was extracted after searching the resources from the databases of pubmed, scopus, sid, medline google scholar with keywords such as vitamin d deficiency, diabetes, pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, glucose intolerance, and 35 relevant articles first reviewed, then old articles and those that were less relevant to the subject were deleted, and the 12 new articles with the most relevance to the subject were used in writing this study.


according to our studies, vitamin d plays an important role to help balance and absorb calcium and it is considered as most important known role of vitamin d. vitamin d deficiency is a common problem during pregnancy around the world. a strong relationship is observed between vitamin d deficiency and adverse pregnancy complications, but the role and metabolism of this vitamin during pregnancy is still not well known. according to the results of some studies, vitamin d plays an important role in secretion and insulin dysfunction. the level of vitamin d has been lower in some women with gestational diabetes compared to normal pregnant women and it has been associated with the risk of developing gestational diabetes, however, no significant relationship has been reported in several studies between vitamin d deficiency and gestational diabetes.


: the consequences of vitamin d deficiency in mother and child can be significantly improved by early diagnosis and intervention. it seems that screening for vitamin d deficiency in women who decide to become pregnant in the near future is a necessary step to be treated appropriately if needed.


Vitamin d deficiency, diabetes, pregnancy, pregnancy complications, glucose intolerance