Identification of specific biomarker binding to breast cancer cell line using phage display peptide library

Maryam Darvish,1,* Marrad mohammad davoudi,2 Maryam islami,3

1. Arak university of medical science
2. Arak university of medical science
3. Alborz university of medical science



Breast cancer is a common heterogeneous cancer among women population. therefore, it reveals numerous efforts to select specific biomarker binding peptide for early detection and treatment through high-throughput methods.


To screen breast cancer-specific binding biomarkers, randomized cyclic 7-mer peptide library was used against mcf-7 cell line to identify specific targeting peptides. binding assay such as the elisa was performed to evaluate the binding strength and specificity of the screened biomarker to mcf-7 compared to other cell lines.


Positive phage clones were identified by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay after four rounds of biopanning. among 40 selected clones, 2 clones showed specific binding to her-2 positive cells. selected peptides were further validated using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisas).


To characterize the biological effects of these peptides further studies are needed. specific peptides against breast cancer cells may be used as potential agent for targeting therapy or early detection of breast cancer.


Breast cancer, phage display library, mcf-7