the effect of coping methods on reduction of depression in girls with premenstrual syndrome

Roya Motavalli,1,* Tavakkol mousazadeh,2 Naimeh paknahad ,3 Amir mousazadeh,4

1. Department of midwifery, Ardabil branch , Islamic Azad University, Ardabil, Iran
2. Department of psychology , Ardabil branch, Islamic Azad University, Ardabil, Iran
3. M.A Clinical Psychology, Ardabil branch ,Islamic Azad University, Ardabil, Iran
4. Dentistry Student , Ardabil School of Dentistry,Iran



Premenstural syndrome is one of the most common problems in women in fertility age that is observed in 80-90% women’s fertility age in different level of severity.also 20-40% of these cases included physical and psychological syndroms like depression.women with premenstrual syndrome that experience psychological syndroms need treatment and guidance.these treatments, prevention and guidance will decrease the severity of depression and the chance of physical and psychological syndroms.these also help with adapting to different tensions.


The statistical population of this study included all female students of islamic azad university of ardabil in academic year 2017. from this population, 32 students were selected through available sampling from all the faculties of the azad university of ardabil and were randomly assigned into two experimental and control groups. then complete the questionnaire of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and beck's depression scales in two stages pre and post-test and in the meanwhile was formed for the experimental group coping strategies training program in 10 sessions of two hours in group. data analysis was performed using ancova in spss.


The results of data analysis showed that coping strategies training program changes and decreases in depression (f=70/21, p=0/0001, partial 2= 0/70) scores of students with premenstrual syndrome.


So, can be raised, most people's emotional problems and behaviors related emotions derive from their irrational statements when faced with situations or events that they do not like. therefore, individuals' awareness of how cognitive, emotional and behavioral elements are associated in events and evaluate them in practice can be followed to control emotions such as depression.


Coping methods, depression, premenstrual syndrome