Practical criteria for mirna designing in personalized medicine

Kambiz Banihashemi,1 Leila.alimardanian,2,* Abouee mehrizii s,3 Ebrahimi p,4 Jamshidabadi sh,5

2. PhD, SRBIAU, Department of molecular genetics
3. MD, Parseh Medical Genetics Clinic
4. PhD, Parseh Medical Genetics Clinic
5. 5. MSC, Parseh Medical Genetics Clinic



Personalized medicine comprises fine genetic- environment interactions end in exclusive individual phenotype. this dynamic entity yields personal profile, provides the opportunity to improve conventional therapy concepts into patient-tailored option protocol. micro rnas are epigenetic tools used widely in personalized medicine treatment with limitations in clinical practice. this paper tries to elucidate mirna designing specifications


Our analysis was focused on retrieving main specifications of mirnas in therapeutic aspects in previously published papers including designing criteria. the summation of previous researches showed two main group of criteria; firstly basic structural characteristics and the second adaptive functional activities among the most important elements in mirna designing.


The results showed vast variety of major and minor structural and functional specifications. considering major structural points one may find out chain stability, avoiding gcs, avoiding interference with coding areas, using "a/u" repeats, assessing native mirna/mirna and mirna/target duplexes, thermodynamic rules, like Δg at beginning and end of the chain and seed sequence topography. major functional characteristics were transcription intervention level through target affinity and loci classification, disorder specificity and sensitivity, spatial-temporal pattern of activity and also minimum off-target possibility of action.


Considering the essential purpose of using epigenetic tools in clinical and treatment settings, our search showed great spectrum of structural and functional prerequisites in designing the therapeutic mirnas. in order to control the clinical side effects and retrieving the highest therapeutic outcomes, the successive steps of mirna designing should include this relatively comprehensive and applicable guideline.


personalized medicine, mirnas, epigenetics