Adipose tissue derived mesanchymal stem cell conditioned media could attenuate brain inflammation in alzheimer model rats

Shima Mehrabadi,1,* Elahe motevaseli,2

1. Tehran university of medical science
2. Tehran university of medical science



In alzheimer's disease there is a extensive brain inflammation.studies showed that conditioned media derived from adipose tissue mesanchymal stem cell (ascm) has ant-inflammatory effects. for this reason we used it to attenuate inflammation in alzheimer model rats.


For induction alzheimer we used intrahyppocampal injection. then we injected i.p 0.2ml conditioned medium for 7 days in rats. in 7th day we extracted brain and made slice then measured tnf-a and il-1b as inflammatory factor via elisa


We observed that in alzheimer model level of tnf-a and il-1b increased and in treatment group this factors decreased.


This study showed that ascm could reduce inflammation in alzheimer.