Royal jelly administration recover spermatogenesis and sexual hormones levels in a busulfan-injured rat model

Tayebeh Sadeghi,1,* Seyedebrahim hoseini,2

1. department of biology, shiraz branch ,islamic azad univercity, shiraz , iran
2. department of biology, shiraz branch ,islamic azad univercity, shiraz , iran



busulfan induces azoospermia and testicular atrophy, while royal jelly may improve spermatogenesis. our objective was to determine the effects of royal jelly on the recovery of spermatogenesis, histology testis and sexual hormones and in of a busulfan-injured rat model. thirty adult rats were assigned into six groups


Animals received a tow intraperitoneal saline or 10 mg/kg busulfan injection (at 0 and 21 day), and 35 d after, the animals received orally 100 mg/kg royal jelly for 14, 28 and 56 days. one day after, blood plasma was obtained for hormone analysis, sperm was recovered from epididymis, and testes were processed for histology.


Control groups did not show significant changes in most parameters, but busulfan decreased sperm counts, motility and normal morphology, induced seminiferous tubular atrophy, intertubular space and decreased blood testosterone, fsh and lh. royal jelly treatments partially recovered spermatogenesis, decreasing tubular atrophy. royal jelly was the most efficient treatment, also increasing the concentration of sexual hormones close to no-busulfan levels.


The royal jelly treatments reverted spermatogenesis, hormonal levels and histology similar to controls, however not attaining the same sperm quality than controls busulfan.


Busulfan, sex hormones, rat, spermatogenesis, royal jelly