Assessing methylation of kmt2d and igf2 genes in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Arash Matinahmadi,1,* Shohreh zare karizi,2 Morteza karimipoor,3

1. Islamic azad university of varamin branch
2. Department of biology, varamin pishva branch, islamic azad university
3. Department of molecular medicine, Biothechnology research center, Pasture institute



Aberrant promoter methylation of cpg islands is an important mechanism for regulation of gene expression. recent data suggest that epigenetic abnormalities may occur very early in lung carcinogenesis. systemic methylation changes may be a diagnostic marker for tumor development or prognosis. in this study, the changes methylation of kmt2d and igf2 genes were investigated in the lung cancer tissue compared to the adjacent normal tissue.


The status of methylation of kmt2d and igf2 genes was investigated in 30 patients with nsclc after genomic dna extraction using bisulfite treatment and ms-hrm method.


The hypermethylation of kmt2d gene promoter was detected in 2 of 30 nsclc tissue samples (6.67%), so that none of the normal samples adjacent to it were methylated (p>0.05). also, the hypermethylation of igf2 gene promoter was detected in a sample of 30 nsclc tissue samples (3.34%) and no methylation was observed in any of the normal samples (p>0.05).


This study shows that methylation changes in the promoter of kmt2d and igf2 genes in nsclc tissue samples were not observed compared to adjacent samples. however, this study was designed as a pilot study, and further investigations are required to confirm our findings.


Dna methylation, igf2, kmt2d, ms-hrm method, non-small cell lung cancer (nsclc).