Extraction bifidobacter bifidum and frequency in gut of irainian obes and normal people

Majid Taati,1,* Seyed davar siadat,2 Zahranormohamadi,3



Bifidobacterium bifidum is one of vital elements of microbiota of digestion systems. (guglimetti2011) considering the fact that both short chain fatty acid (aoki,2017) and microbiota of digestion systems are influenced by age ,lifestyle , race,genetic and geography,( cresci,2015) it has been see that this bacteria can cure some disease such as obesit. (benefits,2017) this study investigates frequency percentage of b. bifidum in over weight and normal iranian people . this study aims to determine the frequency percentage of b. bifidum in irainian people for the first time.


We condoucted asurvey of fifty people a bout were sex (women and men ),age, hauteur,weight,food,drinks(fizydrinks)us ing su,suger and salt, expérience of using weight deases (spichal deases like diabetes .ldl),taking medicin or using antibiotics . result were categorized in to two groups ,unhealthy people and healthy people .after that amuong healthy people according to bmi)body mass index) have were divided in to two groups :normal and over weight healthy people dna from their stool (healthy people)(dnaextraction according to qiagen standard) has been extracted to,determine the persontage of bifidobacter bifidum frequency ,qpcr technique. was used data was analysed by spss and t-test and then tables were drown in excel data.


Results showed that b.bifidum was less amonge over weight people comperd to people .table shows that present of studied people aged between 20-39 and 62 percent aged between 40-60 .(table 1) frequency percent valid percent cumulative percent valid سال 20-39 افراد 31 62.0 62.0 62.0 سال40-60 افراد 19 38.0 38.0 100.0 total 50 100.0 100.0 table1; frequency of age qpcr showed that minimum4.72e+001and maximum4.53e+013 of b. bifidum freequancy wich respectively (table 2) n valid 48 missing 2 mean 1.8081e+012 std. error of mean 1.01400e+012 median 5.9400e+009 std. deviation 7.02517e+012 range 4.53e+013 minimum 4.72e+001 maximum 4.53e+013 table2: statistics b. bifidum p/ was achieve 5percent in 0.027 persent that was not significant


Since gut microbiota plays an important rol in human health suach as proving necessary nutrition ,producing vitamin k thus, it has been the subject of a lot of studies . ley2006 studied bacteroides frequency and found out in over weight people the amount of bactery is less and normal people .in the present study we found out this reualt stating the decrease of bifidobacter frequency a moung iranian over weight people compared to normal ones ,other studies like (cani2009)showed the same result us our study .,brevotess(2013) and gowens (2017). becauase of genetic ,lifestyle, food , geography b. bifidum frequency among over weight people is less than normal ones ,there fore identifying gut microbiota is necessary nessecery to treat over weight people diseases .


Bifidobacter bifidum,qpcr,overweight people.