Study about new effective bioactives for treatment and prevent non small cell lung carcinoma

Ali Aameri siahooei,1,*

1. Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences



Based on research , nsclc (non-small-cell lung carcinoma) is on of the most common cancer in the world and many people every year died from it in early stages is asymptomatic and when is diagnosed that cancer in the malignant stage and show sign such as cough with bloody sputum , in this stage usually cancer has been metastasis and it has been very much growth , in fact in this stage treatment is not possible , this study presented new method with new bioactives to prevent nsclc and cure it.


Based on research, by dna sequencing method we study genome of nsclc cell and genome of normal lung cell and compered them and we found in nsclc cell the gene of one rna polymerase2 enzyme has been expressed that it’s not expressed in normal lung cell and it has transcribe the genes of many enzymes that they paly essential roles in shifting normal lung cell to nsclc cell, based on this results we try to inactivate this rna polymerase2 study nsclc cell metabolism we found this rna polymerase2 enzyme need asparagine amino acid to be activated and nsclc cell can’t produce this amino acid and they reabsorb this amino acid from their environment. with study human biochemical pathway and asparagine amino acid reabsorbing pathways from it we understand that four bio actives : phenethyl isothiocyanate and capsaicin and apigenin and menthyl acetate could dock with a lots of allosteric enzymes inside the reabsorbing pathway of asparagine amino acid by nsclc cells and inactivated them.thus more than 90 % reabsorbing pathways of asparagine amino acid will be closed and docking and inactivating has been checked by autodock-vina and qsar and prex and chimera and marvin space softwares.


Combination and consumption of apigenin and capsaicin and phenethyl iosthiocyanate and menthyl acetate simultaneously could extremely reduce danger of nsclc by decreasing this rna polymearse2 production in nsclc cells.


Since capsaicin exist in red pigment of red pepper and apigenin exist in meaty part of green cucumber and phenethyl isothiocyatate exist in purple pigment of purple cabbage and menthyl acetate exist in mint leaves. we can extract or synthesize these bioactives and formulated them same as pulmonary powder to delivery these bioactives to normal lung cell to prevent shifting it to nsclc cell thus it may be possible to prevent nsclc and cure it by consumption these bioactive simultaneously.


Non small cell lung carcinoma , apigenin , capsaicin , menthyl acetate , phenethyl iosthiocyanate