The effect of combined mir-200c replacement & cisplatin on apoptosis induction and inhibition of gastric cancer cell line migration

Mehri Ghasabi,1,* Behzad baradaran ,2 Behzad mansoori ,3 Ali mohammadi ,4 Navid shomali ,5 Naghmeh shirafkan,6



One of the main therapeutic approaches for cancer treatment is chemotherapy the major obstacle in this therapeutic technique is the onset of resistance during treatment process. according to the numerous reports, mir-200c is involved in many cancers, especially gastric cancer, mir-200c has been known as an effective factor in the elimination of chemotherapy resistance. in the present study the role of mir-200c and cisplatin were investigated in inhibition of migration and induction of apoptosis in katoiii cells.


Mir-200c mimics and lna-anti-mir-200c were transfected into katoiii cells. in order to evalu¬ate the efficiency of combination therapy on migration and apoptosis induction in kato iii cells, we use wound healing assay and mtt assay and flow cytometry .


: our results showed that overexpression of mir-200c is able to inhibit vegfr and mmp9 genes that impacts in metastasis. result of wound healing assay could confirm the inhibitory roles of cisplatin and mir-200c. mtt assay showed that mir-200c and cisplatin have positive impacts on apoptosis process in addition the apoptotic effect of cisplatin and mir-200c were more impressive when they were used simultaneously which may be is related to targeting rhoe gene. these results verify that mir-200c has effective role in chemotherapy.


: in summery, it is demonstrated that mir-200c repress the proliferation and migration of gastric cancer cells via targeted genes, also we concluded cisplatin and mir-200c have synergic effect and cisplatin was more effective in transfected cells.


Gastric cancer, mir-200c, metastasis, apoptosis