Relationship between clinical endometritis and bun index and microbial characteristics of uterine discharge on post partum cows on shahrekord indusrtrial herd of dairy cow

Mehrdad Ostadpoor,1,* Taghi taktaz,2 Mohsen jafarian,3

1. Azad University of shahrekord
2. azad university of shahrekord
3. Azad University of shahrekord



Due to meaningful associations between the clinical endometritis and bun and microbiological charecteristics of uterine discharge during past calving period.


in total 100 cows were selected and categorized into two groups of 50 in 60 days prior to lactation period and 60 days into lactation period. blood sampales and uterine discharge samples were sent to the laboratory for measuring bun and culture and antibiogram tests respectively.


it turned out that the sizable proportion approximately 90 % of clinical endometritis have no bacteria etiology. it can be concluded that an induction of heat can be useful in treating eformentioned clinical condition. e.coli and clostridium were found in our samples and ceftiaxone and enrofloxasin and florfenicel proved to be most effective in elimination of mentioned bacteria. furthermore the average bun in blood samples of culture positive cows was remarkably higher in comparison with culture negative cow 19.51 and 14.45 in order which were even higher than global standards of 14-16 miligram per deciliter. this could in turn induce bacteria endometritis in culture positive cows.


in conclusion the elimination of factors which can lead elevation of bun is in regarded as an essential preventive measurement.


Endometritis, bun, uterine discharge cow