Evaluate the changes in the expression of casc2 gene and its possible effect on the notch signalling pathway in acute lymphoblastic leukemia of the jurkat e6.1 cell line under treatment with ni

Fatemeh Ghorbany,1,* Golnaz asaadi tehrani,2 Sina mirza ahmadi,3

1. azad university of zanjan
2. Azad university of zanjan
3. Azad university of zanjan



Investigating the relationship between changes in the expression of the casc2 gene ,in the acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line jurkat e6.1 treated with thiosemicarbazone ni chemotherapy drug background and purpose: leukemia is a type of cancer that usually starts with bone marrow. all is the most common cancer in children and about a quarter of all cancers among people under the age of 15 years. in recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to finding new anti-cancer compounds containing metallic ions. dipyridine ketone-derived thiosemicarbazone is a strong and selective anticancer agent that overcomes drug resistance and is currently undergoing pre-clinical progress. antimicrobial activity of this new thiosemicarbazone by (1) ribonucleotide reductase inhibition (2) oxidation-reduction activities of thiosemicarbazone complexes with iron (fe) and copper and nickel and the formation of cytotoxic free radicals are very effective and is one of the drugs used to treat various types of leukemia. the aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in the expression of casc2 gene and its possible effect on the notch signalling pathway in acute lymphoblastic leukemia of the jurkat e.6.1 cell line under treatment with thiosemicarbazone nickel


The ni drug was prepared at concentrations (0.5 and 1 micromolar) and the jurkat e.6.1 cancer cells were treated with the thiosemicarbazone ni after the cell passage in groups and time (24 hours). rna extraction and cdna synthesis were performed and the expression of the lncrna casc2, was evaluated by realtime pcr. finally, the results were analyzed by relative quantitative measurement and rest software.


The results of this study showed that casc2 showed a significant increase (p <0.001) during 24 hours of treatment with nickel in concentrations (0.5 and 1 macromolecular), and the highest increase in expression at a concentration of 0.5 macromolecular was observed


The expression of the tumor suppressor gene ,casc2 affected by the ni drug , it increases the expression of the gene, which is related to the time and concentration of the nickel for this gene. according to the results, it can be seen that concentrations (0.5 and 1 micromolar) of nickel in the 24-hour period of the concentrations and optimal time they are the effect of the drug. the results of this study can be used to control and treat optimal treatment of leukemia in humans by identifying molecular pathways in the function of the chemotherapy drugs used, as well as introducing new drugs and preventing uncontrolled growth of jurkat cancer cells


All, casc2 lncrna,, thiosemicarbazones ni