Search for shigella salmonella legionella bacteria species symbiosis with amoeba acanthamoeba in collected samples of soil and drinking water in isfahan

Zohre Dabaghi,1,*

1. Nooredanesh organization



Amoeba is live inventory protozoa are eukaryotes. this type of protozoa lives in freshwater, saltwater, sea water, moist soil, and rotting vegetables. classification of this group is large and diverse and complex problem


Water samples were filtered by, 5-micron filtration and the soil samples were centrifuged and all samples were stored at 24 ° c for one month. the extraction of dna from the samples was carried out manually (by chloroform). the optical microscopy was magnified 40 positive plates were observed and dissected to acanthamo-baba, and subsequently performed to determine the symbiosis of the pcr phase (nested pcr). finally,


Of the 72 samples collected, 3 water samples (8.33%) and 6 soil samples (16.66%) were positive for acanthamoeba and 1 soil sample (2.77%) were infected with legionella bacteria


In the present study, the amount of contamination with acanthamoeba was negligible (water (8.33) 3 and soil (16.66) (6 cases). the bacteria were not detected in the water and soils (except for legionella, which was observed in 1 case (2.77%) of soil samples). therefore, it appears that the drinking water studied in this study has a favorable microbial quality. the soil is also a good condition for contamination.


Soil, water, salmonella, legionella,shigella