Fucosyltransferase gene differential expression in esophageal cancer

Zahra Sadeghzadeh,1,* Rana najafi,2 Mona akbari,3 Fatemeh radnia,4

1. Golestan University of Medical Sciences , Gorgan , Iran
2. Golestan University of Medical Sciences , Gorgan , Iran
3. Golestan University of Medical Sciences , Gorgan , Iran
4. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences , Tabriz , Iran



Fucosylation is one of the most important oligosacharid alteration associated with cancer pathogenesis. fucosyltransferases (futs) are enzymes responsible for fucosetransfer from gdp fucose to glycoconjugates, such as glycoproteins and glycolipids.. different futs (n=13) have been identified in human genome up to date including fut1 -11, protein-o-fucosyltransferase 1 (pofut1), and (pofut2). abnormal fucosylation resulting from the shortage or increase in the expression of futs is associated with a variety of disorders including cystic fibrosis, type 2 leukocyte connective defects, and cancers. considering the role of fucosylation in cancer development, here in this study we aimed to investigate the expression of fut1-5 in esophagus tumor cell and tissue in comparison to normal tissue.


Esophageal cancer kyse-30 cell line(pasteur institute, iran) was cultured in dmem medium (glutamax + 1g/l d-glucose) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine and antibiotics. the esophagous tumor and marginal normal tissue (n=1) were collected and used for rna extraction by trizol reagent (gibco-brl, gaithersburg, md). the the gene expression of fut1-5 were measured using specific primers by rt-pcr method.


Our findings showed that all fut 1-5 are expressed in kyse-30 cancer cell line. the esophageal tumor tissue express fut 1 and fut 3 ; however the normal esophageal tissue express fut 1-3 but no expression of fut 4 and fut 5 was observed in normal tissue.


Our findings showed differential expression of futs in tumor and normal tissue of esophageal cancer suggesting its potential association with esophagous tumor pathogenesis.


Esophageal cancer; fucosyltransferase; kyse-30