Circulating tumor dna(ctdna) plus protein biomarker test:an early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Anita Alizadeh,1,*

1. Higher Education Institute of Rab-Rashid



Pancreatic cancer has high morbidity and mortality and remain one of the most difficult cancer to treat.diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is devastating owing to its poor prognosis,with a five years survival rate of only nine percent.currently,most individuals are diagnosed at a late stage when treatment option are limited.therefore early detection of pancreatic cancer provides the greatest hope for making substantial improvements in survival.analyzing circulating tumor dna(ctdna) and protein biomarkers together could increase the sensitivity of detecting resectable pancreatic cancer and provides early diagnosis for pancreatic cancer.


The present study was conducted in a review of the library resources,digital resources and authentic scientific sources of the pubmed,google scholar and science direct with the key word of early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and circulating tumor dna(ctdna) plus protein biomarker test.


In this study,analyzing of patient blood samples for kras gene mutations in the ctdna,along with analysis of mutations in specific protein biomarkers:ca19-9,cea,hgf,opn and prolactin show that in comparision to the ctdna test or the ca19-9 test alone, the combination assay is more successful at early detecting the cancer irrespective of tumor size.around 30% patients with pancreatic cancer are early identified with using the kras gene test alone.adding ca19-9 to the detection strategy is improved the rate of diagnisis to 49% .


Ctdna plus protein biomarkers test in comparision to most current diagnostic methods is non invasive and early detection method that cause to treat of pancreatic cancer in early stages of disease,but it seems more research is needed to evaluate this method.


Pancreatic cancer,circulating tumor dna,diagnosis,biomarker.