Unveilling the New Poster of Congress with Precense of Chairman of Pasteur Institute of Iran.

As the public relations states, Yesterday, February 28th, a meeting at office of the Chairman of Pasteur Institute, was conducted that the new poster of Biomedicine congress (ICB 2018) with report of previous Congress was Unveiled. In this meeting, Dr. Hamidreza Biglari, Chairman of Pasteur Institute, Dr. Seyed Davar Siadat, CEO of Microbiology and Tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases research center and Mr. Majid Mesgar Tehrani, Executive Secretariat of the Congress, were present. In addition to discussion about goals of 2018, a report about weakness and strengths of 2017 was given. Dr. Biglari stated: Pasteur Institute of Iran provides All support it can to the ICB2018, and approved Dr. Ghanei proposal, based on combining several Internal International Congresses in one place and one time, stated: with high cost of holding Congresses in mind, this proposal can decrease the costs and increase the scientific unity of biology and medical Fields. Majid Mesgar Tehrani, later on, stated the report on last year s congress and stated the solutions proposed by Executive team for resolving the weaknesses.