Investigating th expression of e-cadherin gen among patients suffering from stomach cancer in west azerbaijan province

Shayesteh Salimi,1,* Morteza hatefi,2

2. department of biology , faculty of basic science , bonab branch, islamic azad university, bonab, iran



gastritis cancer is one of the general death causes of cancer all over the world. according to the results of the researches different environmental factors, host genetic specifications and the bacterial infections play role in gastritis cancer. e-cardherin is a glycol-protein molecule which passes the width of the cell to cell. taking into consideration the role of the molecule, it is inferred that the statement rate of this molecule can play role in suppression of the tumor and also can prevent metastasis of it to the other parts of the body. the goal of this paper is to study the statement rate of e- cardherin gene in gastritis cancer patients and compare them to the healthy people in west azarbaijan area.


In this study 30 gastritis cancer patients referred to urmia hospitals and 30 control group people are present. the blood of them were used to extract mrna and making cdna and real time pcr method is used to identify the statement rate of e-cadherin gene. statistical analysis took place by spss software and mannwithny test.


The statement rate of e-cadherin gene was 39% in cancer patients and 41% in control group. the results of the statistical tests show that there is no relation between statement rate of e-cadherin gene and the gastritis cancer patients (p>0.05). also there is no meaningful relation between e-cadherin gene statement and the clinical-pathological factors of the cancer people.


Conclusion: taking into consideration the lack of the meaningful difference of statement rate of the e-cadherin gene in patients and control groups, it is concluded that e-cadherin gene statement is not related to increase of the potency of cancer in west azarbaijan people.


Gastritis cancer, gene statement, e- cardherin, cell to cell connection