The role of helicobacter pylori in the probability of gastric adenocarcinoma

Roghayeh Roshani,1 Fatemeh ashrafi,2,* Anita rezaei,3 Fatemeh pourkiani,4 Nasim bohloli,5 Nilofar lotfi,6

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According to last resarches gastric cancer is ranked 5 between common cancers and ranked 3 for causes of mortarlity.there are different kinds of factors that can lead a person to cancer like:enviroment factor,genetics,and helicobacteria pylori infection.


This research is a review based kind and it monitors the various methods were extracted of elsevier ,scopus and pubmed and.


Risk factor alone can not begin the cancer but they can effect it. high consume of salt can cause colonisation of helicobacteria pylori.and other kinds of species with high virolance like vaca a+,cag a+ it can increase inflammation and gastric ulcer and at the end cancer.


Toxic spicies of helicobacteria pylori,age increasing,mutations and polymorphism in epitelial cells in stomach can cause complex treatment for cancer.there are some conncetions between other micro oraganisms and cancers.recently prevention and treatment with probiotics as a biological treatment has been considerd.


Gastric cancer,helicobacteria pylori,polymorphism