Survaey polymorphism rs 866751883 adam2 gene infertile men referred to infertility treatment centers in east azerbaijan which under treatment with iui (intrauterine insemination)

Naser Hoseinzadeh,1,*



One of the most important genes in human infertility is adam2 gene. the gene function is the important in the process of fertilization and adhesion of egg and sperm. the presence of multiple polymorphic regions on specific sites of this gene has been effective in the functional process of this gene. there are several therapies for treating infertility in men, who can be commonly used in intrauterine insemination (iui) . the purpose of this study was to reveal the relationship between adam2 gene rs866751883 polymorphism and the success rate of iui in infertile men.


A total of 125 samples (75 infertile men who refer for iui as the case group and 50 healthy fertile men as control group) were examined. , after obtaining written consent from patients, 2 ml of blood samples were taken from patients and their dna was extracted by salting out method in order to study rs866751883 polymorphism, arms-pcr method was used. pcr product of a number of specimens was randomly were sequenced to confirm the result.


Interestingly all the infertile and fertile men both have heterozygous genotypes. therefore, this polymorphism as a result of fertility of the population studied is not effective in iui therapy. however the study could be done by a large sample size.


The findings of the study showed that there is no significant relationship between rs866751883 polymorphism and male infertility. therefore, this polymorphism is not effective with iui therapy.


male infertility - adam gene - polymorphism- rs866751883 -arms.pcr