Evaluation of salmonella.spp in synovial fluids of arthritis patients by molecular method

Parya Kolani,1,* Mohammad hassan shahhosseiny,2 Taher mohammadian,3

1. 2Department of Microbiology – shahr-e-Qods Branch – Islamic Azad University –Tehran / Iran
2. 2Department of Microbiology – shahr-e-Qods Branch – Islamic Azad University –Tehran / Iran Iranian Gene Fanavar In
3. 2Department of Microbiology – shahr-e-Qods Branch – Islamic Azad University –Tehran / Iran



Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. this complication is often accompanied by pain, swelling, stiffness and heat in damaged joints. most patients have degrees of bone and cartilage destruction, as well as the involvement of tendon pods. in many patients, this process leads to significant deformation and loss of function. although arthritis occurs with bacterial organisms and more at lower ages, rheumatologic and malignant diseases and chronic bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and fungi and viruses also contribute to arthritis. many bacterial agents have been implicated in this infection, one of which may be salmonella. the pcr method is a fast and accurate molecular method for identifying salmonella genus. the main goal of this study, given those microbial agents many are involved in the development of arthritis, an examination of salmonella arthritis by molecular methods.


In this study, 70 samples of synovial fluid collected from shariati hospital. dna samples were extracted using standard phenol-chloroform method. the pcr test of salmonella was optimized using several salmonella standard strains. sensitivity and specificity of test were performed on the basis of standard methods and then performed on the dna extracted of samples.


Pcr product of 284 bp was amplified and observed on 2% agarose gel electrophoresis. of the 70 clinical specimens of synovial fluid, 4 samples (5.7%) were positive. the results of this study indicated that salmonella can be one of the possible causes of arthritis. the molecular method of pcr is also able to detect salmonella in the joint fluid using specific primers.


This study showed that the pcr molecular method is a very fast and accurate method for identifying salmonella.spp. in the synovial fluid of patients. while a percentage of arthritis was caused by salmonella bacteria.


Salmonella spp, pcr, arthritis, evaluation