Fabrication and optimization of polymeric paa nanoparticles loaded with the natural antibacterial component, curcumin.

Hamoon Anbari,1,* Amir maghsoudi,2 Mohammadreza hoseeinpour,3

1. Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran
2. National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
3. Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran



Curcumin is a natural polyphenol molecule derived from the curcuma longa plant which exhibits anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, anti-hiv, chemopreventive and antimicrobial properties. curcumin’s widespread availability, safety, low cost and multiple cancer fighting functions admit its development as a drug for cancer treatment. however, various basic and clinical studies illuminate curcumin’s limited efficacy due to its low solubility, high rate of metabolism, poor bioavailability and pharmacokinetics.the aim of the present study was to develop a method for the preparation of nanoparticles of curcumin with a view to improve its stability, poor bioavailability and aqueous-phase solubility.


Optimizing effective concentration of polymer, curcumin and water was determined by using response surface method (rsm).the poly acrylic acid (paa) nanoparticle formulation of curcumin (nanocurcumin) was developed by a modified nano-precipitation method and physico-chemical characterization was performed by scanning electron microscope (sem), dynamic light scattering (dls) and zeta potential measurements methods.


Nanocurcumin was successfully generated. nanoparticles were round, discrete and smooth in surface morphology, and physico-chemical characterization of nanocurcumin illustrated an average particle size of ~149 nm. the results indicated that the water solubility of curcumin significantly improved by particle size reduction up to the nano range


Concentration of solvent, polymer and curcumin were important to obtain small size particles. the results implied that paa nanoparticles loaded with curcumin could be a promising drug carrier for water poorly soluble drug.


Curcumin, nanoparticle, poly acrylic acid, rsm, nanocurcumin