Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles by areca palm fruit extract

Leyla Shahidi bonjar,1,* Abbas pardakhty ,2

2. Pharmaceutics Research Center, Neuropharmacology Institute, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran



Targeted drug delivery by gold nano particles (aunps) is a new era in pharmaceutical research; i.e. curing tumoral cancers. aunps are also used in cosmetics, electronics and nano imaging.


Biosynthesis of aunps performed in a green procedure using water extracts of areca palm fruits (areca sp., arecaceae) to reduce 0.001 m haucl4+. tem and uv-visible spectroscopy used to characterize physical properties of synthesized red colloidal aunps


Characterization results of biosynthesized aunps indicated that: color of aunps was red, uv-visible spectroscopy spectrum had a peak at 530- 535 nm tem electro micrographs revealed average particle size of 31 nm.


We performed a biosynthesis procedure which is a green-environmentally safe method to produce aunps; however, this technique in an elementary approach and should be optimized in future investigations for mass production.


Areca sp., gold nanoparticles