effective conditions and factors in different occupations that are more susceptible to infection or tuberculosis

Roghieh Moghaddam,1,*

1. Razi institute



Tuberculosis is a dreaded disease that causes death from infectious diseases in adults , 1.5 million people die each year due to this disease. 75% of them belong to the most active economic age group (15- 54 years old). that an ill person will not be able to work for an average of 3-4 months, in addition to economic injuries, other indirect negative effects on the quality of life of the patients and the family.in addition to identifying the general factors, acute exposure to certain factors, especially in high-risk occupations, will be a major contributor to prevention or treatment


Study of factors infecting tuberclusis and it s transmission. study of factors in occupational risks for tuberculosis. study more than thirty articles from 2002-2018 and direct or indirect effects at transmission and ,tuberculosis disease


Tuberculosis is a dreaded disease with very different pollution sources such as different animals that can animal itself ,products livestock, components o f some animals such as wool or hair ,corpse of infected animals. also man infected with infected human or may infected with infected soil ,water ,food ,air,…therefore duty of government try to planning of corrective action and preventive action is very important .for example : the ministry of health, the veterinary organization, in addition to training programs and raising the awareness of individuals. it is necessary new vaccine that be more effective


Different factors as malnutrition, addiction to alcohol ,injection opiate, some drugs, cigarettes and people that lives or works at places where are crowd such as prisons ,refugees, homeless or different disease specially immunodeficiency disease such as hiv are susceptible to contamination and tuberculosis disease. therefor e every one that has connection with them is susceptible to tuberculosis contamination .for example medicine group and… this is a zoonotic disease .therefore some business such as animal breeding ,farmers ,spinning knitting workers ,slaughters ,aquatics and fish farmers, vaccinator of livestock and birds , birders, may be sucception to tuberculosis. it has been understood that the first of source of contamination can be domestic, birds, rodents, reptiles, or other animals and at last with transmission can infect the human, therefore we should we more attention to people who are in this situation and we should treat hygiene or health instructions . high level of awareness the necessary training and co-operation of the ministry veterinary organizations have been evaluated in this regard, it is important to try to make better new vaccines


Tuberculosis,factors ,zoonotic ,awareness,vaccine