Down-regulation of circulating mir-107 and mir-21 after prostatectomy in pca

Pezhman Fard-esfahani,1,* Parastoo bayat,2 Fatemeh asadi,3

1. Pasteur Institute of Iran
2. Pasteur Institute of Iran
3. Pasteur Institute of Iran



Micrornas are small non-coding rnas which can play an important role in cancer formation. mir-107 and mir-21 is repeatedly up-regulated in prostatic cancer (pca) cell lines and tissue samples. the aim of this study was to assess whether circulating mir-107 and mir-21 in pca patients can be used as post-operative biomarkers for monitoring remained cancerous tissue.


Venous blood serum samples were collected from 36 non-cancerous volunteers and 36 pca patients, pre- and post-operationally. serum levels of mir-107 and mir-21 were estimated by quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (qrt-pcr).


Mir-107 and mir-21 were both significantly down-regulated in postoperative serum samples compared to preoperative serum samples. we found also that mir-107 and mir-21 were up-regulated in pca patient samples compared to non-cancerous controls.


The serum mir-107 and mir-21 down-regulation in postoperative serum from pca patients suggests that the source of these circulating mirnas is tumour tissue; and serum level of mir-107 and mir-21 could be used as biomarkers for postoperative monitoring of pca tissue remnants.


Prostat cancer, circulating microrna, mir-107, mir-21